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There’s no rest for the wicked, why? (4)

An ancient lesson, revealing a heart that is lost in the storms of life.

But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud.


Often when we think of being wicked, we may dupe ourselves and believe wicked behaviour is out there somewhere, not in our own house.

The word wicked is defined as ‘evil, unscrupulous or morally wrong’

“a wicked and unscrupulous politician”

It’s been my experience that we all struggle with moral dilemmas from time to time and find ourselves tossed to and fro, just like Isaiah described.

Our God given conscience won’t allow us to rest despite how much we try to suppress its wholesome voice.

The only solution is to address wickedness head on by exposing the darkness of our own soul. This doesn’t mean that we measure our own goodness against someone weaker than ourselves, it means we measure our own goodness right along God’s perfect ways.

The moment we get a glimpse of how incredibly lost we all are, the measuring ceases.

There is a real ugliness to self righteousness that can be even more insidious and vile than what we would normally describe as wickedness.

This is where religion has failed!

Religion often portrays good behaviour without dealing with the cause of evil intent. Evil seeks control just like religion or unbridled politics.

Where can we find rest?

It’s not a matter of fixing the world of evil, or judging our neighbour, it’s a matter of being at peace with our own soul in the midst of the storms.

This past weekend we had a tremendous amount of wild weather and the ocean spewed out its mud and mire along the shore, just like the words of Isaiah. While walking along the beach I came across a carved out chair in the middle of nowhere. The chair did not fit the scenery, it looked calm and secure.

I sat on the makeshift chair and contemplated the outside forces that I have very little control over. I had a beautiful moment of understanding, I could still enjoy the peace within my own soul even if the world around me is a mess.

With this understanding, it gives me confidence to walk into settings of turmoil and picture myself finding a carved out secure chair in the middle of nowhere and finding rest for my soul.

Jesus spoke of building our lives on a solid bedrock that is unmoved by the shifting sands and storms.

It starts by being a person of integrity, a person that holds themselves accountable to their God given conscience. Having an ability to see ourselves as we truly are leaves very little room for wickedness to take root in our lives.

There is an amazing gift of forgiveness offered to all of us when we come to grips with our own moral deprivation. We don’t have to be tossed about by the mud and mire of our own humanity. It’s possible to find the most unusual resting place with God in the middle of a storm.