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Networking in 2022?, we’ve lost the art of talking face to face. JESUS THE ULTIMATE NETWORKER (5)

We learn to talk, gesture and communicate by mimicking those who raised us. It’s no surprise that I am loud, opinionated and confident, I just mimicked my outrageous Greek/ Macedonian family.

Networking in 2022 has taken a real shift and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

The keyboard warrior is so different when meeting them face to face. The faceless blasts of spam, emails, pop up screens that seek our attention can get in the way of real meaningful and lifelong relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done all the above and more but this isn’t networking.

I will make you fishers of men


When I think of NETWORKING, I think of net fishing that is specific and repetitive. Catching schools of fish in predictable waters.

Jesus was the ultimate NETWORKER who taught his disciples to do the same. He even said to them “I will make you fishers of men”

Jesus convinced a handful of uneducated fishermen to make a huge difference in His day by the art of NETWORKING. Face to face connections influenced a whole society of people that became the early church as we know it. They had no buildings, no authorised government or otherwise establishment, they simply became a wholesome community looking after one another’s needs.

It’s no real surprise as Jesus would meet on a regular basis with His disciples that they saw, heard and practiced how to communicate the Good News.

NETWORKING is not showmanship, stage work or some charismatic ability, it’s simply reaching out and seeing if we can offer real assistance or service to someone.

I’ve been a prolific networker my whole life. It’s all boiled down to sustaining relationships with an ebb and flow, never really knowing when and where you can be of service. Why?

Because if you are not connected, you can’t be of service.

Start NETWORKING today and see where it leads. Be genuine, expect opportunity from the oddest places and don’t take advantage of those most vulnerable.

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  1. Thanks Tom, love your blog on networking. True that it’s becoming a lost art. So everyone get painting

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