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Roaming Chaplains break into prisons (17)

Western Australia has over 5,500 prisoners and over 50% will experience the carousel of our corrective services for years to come.

recidivism is a challenge for every corrective service and as an average, over 50% get stuck in the system, struggling to get free from its cyclical vortex. Why?

Community at the very least is the bedrock of any society that brings meaning to an individual. Those trapped in the corrective services are just as susceptible to feel a false sense of meaning as anyone trapped in a toxic environment.

Toxicity has no boundaries.

Toxic : Poisonous and very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way.

Smiling on the outside, dying on the inside.

It’s wonderful to be involved in seeing individuals who were trapped in the corrective services find new life through a new community. It takes a whole lot of talented people to pull this off.

Check out these guys, they’re amazing. I’ve worked with Chris the founder for years to see amazing results today. And it feels like we’ve only just begun. Chris is currently working with approx 100 x prisoners and he can only do this through community.

It had to start somewhere.

Coping is not freedom.

There are many who are as trapped in toxic environments that look pleasant at a distance, and poisonous the closer you get.

Breaking free from toxic cultures requires deliberate rethinking of our beliefs about what is meaningful.

Those who are sentenced behind bars learn to cope rather than rather than seek to be free. This is also true of those who are trapped in mental or emotional prisons. They think coping is freedom.

When talking to a prisoner, listen to their language. It’s often rehearsed and repetitive. To them, there is a sense of comfort in repetition, like the hard doctrine of a religious order.

1. They believe they have to spend hard time to be free and once the doors open, they still feel imprisoned.

2. They develop paranoid behaviours, always watching their backs, thinking someone is out to get them.

3. When they finally get their ticket to stay free, they cash it in again because of the comfort of the bars.

Wether you’re an actual prisoner living in confined spaces or trapped in life’s relentless torment of a terrible trauma, there is hope.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He hath anointed Me to preach the Gospel to the poor. He hath sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,


Jesus makes a wild declaration about setting people free.

It starts by making a decision to surrender everything we don’t understand about life to His goodness and not our cleverness.

Imagine having such a radical experience of freedom inwardly that is not dictated by your circumstances. This is what Jesus promises.

As Roaming Chaplains we don’t go into hostile environments in our own strength, we go in the favour of God’s Grace. We expect unusual blessing everywhere we tread.

We don’t earn this blessing

We can’t work for it

We can’t steal it

We just need to accept it.

We go into environments where people are trapped and declare liberty. Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual Liberty.

I pray you have a great day walking in your calling and seeing others blessed as a result.

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Start the day in prayer and reflection and drink in God’s freedom.