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Roaming Chaplains live on the edge (18)

John the Baptist is the finest example of a Roaming Chaplain who lived on the edge.

From his mothers womb he was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Imagine growing up in the same neighbourhood as John the Baptist as he developed his sense of calling.

He was marked by some unusual behavioural traits. These traits became his signature for all time and we can learn something from his behaviour.

He dressed in camel hair, a symbol of simplicity, humility and pragmatism.

He developed a diet of locusts & honey, another symbol of simplicity, humility and pragmatism.

He lived on the edge.

He was as young as thirty years of age when he reached the heights of his earthly mission.

John the Baptist saw himself as a forerunner that is likened to a Herald making an announcement of a coming King.

He was so bold and confident of his message that he didn’t go into a populated area to announce his declarations. He chose the desert as his stage, and still the audience appeared.

Roaming Chaplains are willing to go to the outskirts of normal society and gain an audience in the desert.

1. It’s often the disenchanted that live on the outskirts of society.

2. It’s often the deprived that live on the outskirts of society.

3. It’s not a surprise that John influenced just a handful, then a crowd appeared.

John knew how to divide the crowd into two categories.

1. Those that were hungry for hope and renewal were ready to receive.

2. Those who were jealous and resentful of such liberal hope were ready to judge.

Roaming Chaplains don’t seek the popular approval nor the endorsement of the establishment.

Roaming Chaplains know their message and unashamedly share to anyone who has ears to hear.

Every Roaming Chaplain has to make a choice, when the going gets tough and the secular world seeks to silence them, to stand strong.

Roaming Chaplains are a fresh voice in the wilderness making way for the coming King. They choose to live on the edge, ready to respond to new opportunities.

There’s a Roaming Chaplain in everyone, if our soul is awakened.

Don’t be afraid of living on the edge, this is the space where miracles can happen.

Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.

Ancient Proverb
Watch your steps, stay vigilant to your calling.

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