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God restores our innocence (20)

Guilt without remedy is hell.

Human beings have worked hard for thousands of years to be free of guilt through all sorts of rituals.

In the modern world, we still haven’t come close to ridding the guilt baggage,

Acknowledging guilt doesn’t free us of guilt. Paying penance through acts of philanthropy or self-abasement doesn’t free us of guilt.

Guilt consumes everything and is never satisfied, it’s a real hell on earth.

What then? How do we get rid of guilt?

Firstly a payment needs to be made that quenches guilts price-tag.

The craziest message of humanity that meets all of guilt’s antidote, God is with us.

Jesus paid for the debt of guilt. Acknowledging His gift and it is a gift of salvation (wholeness) is simply to be accepted.

God restores our innocence and gives us a fresh start.

This truly is the greatest love story ever told. This is why I can’t keep it to myself nor should any other Roaming Chaplain.

Jesus came to show us how much God loved us and paid for our guilt. Take the gift and enjoy God’s new way of living. Anything else is hell.