Becoming a roaming chaplain in two easy steps (22)

Chaplains are hard to define. They find themselves in the oddest places on the planet. They are drawn to conflict zones, with an intent to bring faith, hope and love into the equation. They don’t need titles or anyone’s approval. They just do what needs to be done. Everyone has the potential to make their world a better place.

Roaming Chaplain is all about unlocking individuals to reach their greatest potential. Whether it’s building a business or enterprise, leadership is always at the heart. If we understand how to lead ourselves and those in our care, we are sure to live a fulfilling life. 

Fulfilment is never about reaching a goal as the end game. True fulfilment can only be determined when we find meaning in what we do. Entry level to find meaning comes from reaching many goals and failing to reach goals. What we thought was important years ago, wisdom tells us we worried about the wrong things and neglected the right things.

So how can you become a Roaming Chaplain?

1. Know where you’re going.

When a leader is constantly looking for affirmation from those they are meant to lead, they undermine their own potential.

Roaming Chaplains know how to adapt quickly, and they set the tone for harmony to take place. They work in a multidisciplinary capacity, always threading people together.

A healthy Roaming Chaplain isn’t always telling others what to do. They efficiently delegate opportunities in a variety of ways as a means to get tasks done while threading together a community.

Unless you know where you are going, it’s difficult to lead others.

2. Never take for granted the privilege of helping others reach their potential.

When someone places trust in you, it comes with an awesome sense of responsibility.

Being a Roaming Chaplain means you are free to move in any direction, liberated from institutionalism. We afford those who we are working with, the same liberty.

The great temptation of anyone who reaches any level of success, we start to believe our own narrative as timeless truth. A healthy Roaming Chaplain is always learning and relearning fundamentals in order to stay influential and effective. A healthy Roaming Chaplain spends time filling up the wells of their own heart with what they have to offer. They detest lip service and war with their own conscience more than they war with others.

A Roaming Chaplain is always looking for opportunity to be replaced by those they have invested in. Unlike a proprietor’s mentality, the Roaming Chaplain knows they are nothing more than a steward for a season in someone’s life. Success can create an insidious attitude of manipulation rather than influence.

Two easy steps to become a successful Roaming Chaplain. Know where you are going and help others figure out how they can live a meaningful life.

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