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God restores our innocence (20)

Guilt without remedy is hell. Human beings have worked hard for thousands of years to be free of guilt through all sorts of rituals. In the modern world, we still haven’t come close to ridding the guilt baggage, Acknowledging guilt doesn’t free us of guilt. Paying penance through acts of philanthropy or self-abasement doesn’t free… Continue reading God restores our innocence (20)

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Roaming Chaplains break into prisons (17)

Western Australia has over 5,500 prisoners and over 50% will experience the carousel of our corrective services for years to come. recidivism is a challenge for every corrective service and as an average, over 50% get stuck in the system, struggling to get free from its cyclical vortex. Why? Community at the very least is… Continue reading Roaming Chaplains break into prisons (17)

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Roaming Chaplain, God’s Freelancer (6)

What on earth is a Roaming Chaplain, God's Freelancer? Some people are geared towards risks, adventure and opportunity. Freelancers often depict these sorts of characteristics. A Freelancer can be an Artist, Journalist, Technician, Architect and a myriad of other individuals that have skills to offer in modern world become Freelancers. Freelancers desire the freedom of… Continue reading Roaming Chaplain, God’s Freelancer (6)

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Prisons don’t correct, and church couldn’t be anymore real than this (3)

A few years later, prisoners are on new paths because something happened that day. The Church went outside its conventional methods and became the eyes, ears and hands of Jesus. We are the church invading prison walls. The room is empty and the prison guards prepare to bring in about fifty young men, average age,… Continue reading Prisons don’t correct, and church couldn’t be anymore real than this (3)