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Chaplains in their purist and original sense are hard to define. They find themselves in the oddest places on the planet. They are drawn to conflict zones, with an intent to bring a measure of order, faith, hope and love into the equation. The role of the Chaplain has evolved over the centuries however the fundamental principles of a Chaplain should be timeless and unincumbered by any denomination or creed. A Chaplain is subject to their God given conscience which becomes their enemy or ally depending on their obedience. A wholesome Chaplain, obedient to their God given conscience becomes a servant to everyone who has need, shedding light, administering healing salt, and leads by example.

A Chaplain may be your Neighbour, A Business Associate, A Government Diplomat, Special Services Soldier or the person who volunteers as a member of a Parents & Citizens Committee in a local school. They don’t have a particular look about them, but you do know you are in the atmosphere of someone who is on a mission to make a wholesome difference. They don’t need accolades to motivate them, they are motivated and enthused by a Grace difficult to explain. If you do come across one of these unique individuals, I hope you catch what they have. If you are one of these unique individuals, don’t get weary and lose sight of who has called you to do what you do. If you are called to fulfil a space that others won’t, God will surely equip you.

Discover the impact of Roaming Chaplaincy

Roaming Chaplain is all about unlocking individuals to reach their greatest potential. Whether it’s building a business or enterprise, leadership is always at the heart. If we understand how to lead ourselves and those in our care, we are sure to live a fulfilling life.

Roaming Chaplaincy is a LEADERSHIP & Personal Development Ethos. ETHOS is an Aristotle teaching of balance between chasing one’s passion and taking wise caution to keep personal integrity as its highest calling. If our personal ETHOS is healthy, being surrounded by individuals who aspire to grow in a likeminded manner will always achieve greater results.

What I have to offer,

After 40 years of making bold statements, and putting them to the test, I thought I achieved so much. I now proudly confess; I know so little. However, what I do know makes all the difference.

I’m not one dimensional, neither are you. I see opportunity in the most unusual places. As a person, husband, father, grandfather, friend and business associate, I feel privileged to enjoy insights that lead to God. I hope to share some of these with whoever is open to experience the same insights and more.

I’ve called this site ROAMING CHAPLAIN for good reason. It reflects a life journey to date, and it reflects a future journey yet to be experienced. My commitment to myself and those I hope to encourage; is to maintain my personal ETHOS while I help others find or reignite theirs.

The following four areas are foundational to what makes an effective LEADER. These foundations prepare the next generation to become contributors to the world around them.

1. Leadership & Personal Development You can’t give what you haven’t got

2. Roaming ChaplaincyWeeding out Toxic Culture while growing a Leadership Team

3. Community Development Everyone has something to contribute

4. Ancient Wisdom in a Modern WorldThe moment we stop learning we stop growing

A proven model of LEADERSHIP & Personal Development and ideal to establish Corporate Social Responsibility within any organisation.
‘Connecting people to possibilities’

Tom Smilovitis : Principal Facilitator of Roaming Chaplain